How to Build Storage Armoire


Many people have built with wasted space. Have organized with plenty of armoire space you can keep your home clean and less cluttered. Adding additional storage armoire is as easy as putting on extra shelves or installing an additional bar.

Adding storage armoire Put More Shelves, Determine the amount of space you have to work in your armoire using the tape measure and record the amount of horizontal and vertical space to be added shelves or rods to your wardrobe. A see if adding a shelf above the existing shelf increase your armoire. Some homes have high ceilings, and most armoire shelves are a little more than a meter off the ground.

Sell wire shelving or wooden shelves in the store home improvement, and enough media to support the shelf. If you are storing lightweight items like clothing, you will need fewer brackets if you plan to store heavy objects such as China and silver. Adding an extra storage armoire Rod Increase. Organize your clothes in the armoire by the length. Put shirts and blouses in an area. If you fold your pants on a hanger, you can add those to the part of the armoire where you want to double your rod space.

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