How to Organize Closet Space Saver


To make good use of the closet space saver, no matter what size have. What matters is how we organize it so we can put all our clothes and even accessories, and nothing is cramped or wrinkled. Save space in our closet is possible if we put in each drawer or recess, a different type of garment. Shirts for Iran hanged to avoid crumpling. All items that you feel should not be bent hanger can be placed in the wooden bar.

Your formal trousers. Hang them too, and try to use just a pants hanger per hanger to prevent too heavy, and these elegant clothes from creasing. If you hang pants for approaches the corner to put under your shoes. This way you will not waste the site that you have left, and you can happy for closet space saver.

Put wooden boxes. In the case of not having enough drawers, you can use boxes to store clothes or small accessories. They can be of any material for wood , plastic. You can place here underwear or any small accessories like scarves, but try that in each case there is only one type of garment or accessory. So they will be more organized closet space saver.

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